John Drongeson

A graduate from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD), John Drongeson is a long-time resident of Minneapolis, Minnesota where he has focused on sculpture and silicone painting. EartDesigns features a growing catalogue of one-of-a-kind silicone earrings (Eart) through his unique process of "silicone painting". From his studio near the shores of White Bear Lake, MN, John maintains his discipline, creating stunning new works of art everyday.

Statement Earrings Without the Weight.

Illusions Artwear is a line of lightweight, durable statement earrings made almost completely of silicone rubber. The earrings have a tendency to look like something they're not - metals, wire, shell, plastic, or even paint - hence the name "Illusions".

Illusions Artwear was originally started by artist John Drongeson and his wife Kathy Koch in the 1980s. John was the original artist behind the designs, and Kathy was in charge of sales and inventory. The project ended up fading after several successful years, and all product ended up in storage. Fast forward to 2017 - when John introduced his granddaughter Betty to the Illusions brand, the creative process, and all leftover inventory from the 1980s business. Today, Illusions Artwear is back in production with limited edition pieces from the original 1980s line available for purchase on Etsy (with new designs coming soon). Illusions exists today in memory of the most beloved wife and grandmother, Kathy. 

Please feel free to contact John here to purchase or commission a work.